For you to feel who you feel right


They come to see what is not there

The light that passes from everywhere

And in a line they seek to find

The answer to all of human kind.

But in vain their arms out to wonder

To the shadows so far out in one yonder

Touching on the softest jagged rocks

Showered with rain and electric shocks

They trip over words of beauty said

Gliding over the bones of those not fed

To find hearts of black, enclosed in thorns

Glowering to impregnate hearts of newly borns.

So starting light begins to fade

Passing little light from space to shade

As in the shade the heat escapes

And cold hearted light around them drapes.

social commentary
How does it work?
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Joshua Lino-da Costa

I've been writing for years. Not always great... but it means a lot to me

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