Truth in Colors


Truth in Colors

In the time of sight

my aged eyes can still recall

the images once blazoned

upon the heart

of this old man

Flashback – just a boy

my eager hands exploring

the seams of trees

flight into green leaves

leaves green as fire

As life unfolded

under an orange, soul-warming sun

There were many colors

that glossed my world

the deep azure of

fathomless deep

the red hue of a broken heart

and the total stillness of time

laying low the ones lost

in the tan

of the burnished earth

Now they tell me

perhaps, it is best not to see

the world reckoning

the torment of plague

the inward agony of man

searching for solace

in a world with muted shades

social commentary
Lana Broussard
Lana Broussard
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Lana Broussard

Lana Broussard writes primarily under the pen name, L.T. Garvin. She writes fiction, poetry, essays, and humor. She is the author of Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete, Animals Galore, The Snjords, and Dancing with the Sandman.

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