Tru Emo-Shuns (Pt. 3)

Tales of a Rose

Tru Emo-Shuns (Pt. 3)

Raindrops will wash the soul

and a smile will warm the heart.

A tender kiss will curl the toes.

A deceitful tongue will bring many woes.

Many nights chasing and begging

laid the foundation to breed an immaculate lady.

Adamant in No she stands.

The wind blows.

The sun bakes the scent of man

Like poison, out sneaks yes.

For a time happiness bestows.

In seconds add fuel to the flame

and agitation burn at the soul.

Flames of fire close on the toes

And another don’t know;

How close the nose comes to meet with blows.

Taking mixing for granted

Needing another to be added.

In secret, jerk skeet on another.

He's giving up the right to keep this immaculate lady.

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RE ReadyforPeace

I was always told that I was emotional. I use to take this as a bad thing. I began to shy away from speaking, sharing, even being seen. I didnt want to be viewed as that emotional person. Then I learned emotions are a universal language. 

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