Tru Emo-Shuns

Tales of a Rose

Fallen Man

Make love to me.

I’m not asking you. Touch me hungrily.

Kiss me deep.

Hold me close

Until I reach my peek.

Give me satisfaction

And don’t you dare cheat.

And you comply.

Spend some time with me.

Talk to me.

I’m not asking you.

Open your mouth and repeat the thoughts you think.

Think of the conclusions that shall arrive.

Talk to me.

I’m listening.

Now hear me and help me understand.

What was so wrong?

That you could not see love for you I house in me.

Help me understand

What was so wrong?

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RE ReadyforPeace

I was always told that I was emotional. I use to take this as a bad thing. I began to shy away from speaking, sharing, even being seen. I didnt want to be viewed as that emotional person. Then I learned emotions are a universal language. 

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