Tru Emo-Shuns

Tales of a Rose

Tru Emo-Shuns

Are you afraid of being naked

Or afraid of being seen?

Are you afraid of who you are

Or afraid of others point of view?

Are you determined to weaken and defeat another human being.

Are you secretly fighting the embarrassment of being seen?

Dare to cast off the views of society.

Forfeit the scrutiny despite your eyes reality.

Miracles we are.

Our differences fall like Do Re Mi

Without them there is no harmony.

No need to point the finger

We are all consistently the offenders.

Dedicated to appearances and opinions

Lacking the respect of being humans.

-RE ReadyforPeace

social commentary
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RE ReadyforPeace

I was always told that I was emotional. I use to take this as a bad thing. I began to shy away from speaking, sharing, even being seen. I didnt want to be viewed as that emotional person. Then I learned emotions are a universal language. 

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