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Lie My Angel


I’m in a triangle that should be a line like ones you used to snort up your nose every night

I’m getting tired of being so nice because who’s there for me at the end this time?

You both never cared about me, I was a lie, just a form of your manifested spite.

But that’s alright, it’s fine. I’m used to it, and I know I put up a good fight.

My intentions were pure from the beginning, hers I’m not sure, yours were until you were winning something you didn’t want. You never wanted me from the start. The tears and the scars. The almost I love you’s when you came hard.

The lust we couldn’t argue was ours, but that’s where we stopped, yet you continued, you never went far.

When you called me “home”, that was it for me. I was yours, completely.

Guess I make poor decisions because you never came home once we committed.

Realized it’s been her all along. Well obviously, her name kept rolling off your tongue. I was wondering how long you’d be mine before you fell back in to her trap.

I was wondering if you’d be strong but I was wrong even after all the things you said.

We never belonged and I truthfully don’t think you two do either but it’s now not my place to intrude. I wish this truth didn’t hurt.

Oh and it won’t for long my darling. Soon enough I’ll let you go. Because the darling I held on to, left long ago.

Did she exist at all or was it all a show? Damn, maybe you two should be together, but I won’t watch this time, I’ll keep the curtains closed.

I won’t wish you hope and I won’t wish you happiness because you already know choosing that road won’t lead to any of that.

I do not pity the fly who chooses to be caught in the web.

I will rid of you and the memories we had.

If you do choose yourself over her. I will be by your side while you finally endure what it’s like to not hide from yourself. To be by yourself. To heal by yourself. You need to get help.

You’ve known this the whole time but you bury your sorrows in others bodies who may not be there tomorrow.

Only you will stay with you forever, promise yourself you will get better.

It pains me to say this, but you won’t. I think we both know you’ve been weak all along. I did think about it though, what a healthy you would be like. I loved the sight of it, but it just can’t be right, because this triangle no longer has 3 sides, it never did if you want to get technical and rewind it’s always been between you and her.

Who will suck whose venom first? Who’s sympathy was really earned? You messed with my empathy and I ended up with what you deserved.

I’m sick of it, I’m sick of you, I’m sick of everything you sick fucks do. I’m over it, I’m over you two. I hope I don’t remember either of you.

But that’s not the truth.

The memories we shared I’ll hold close to my heart, I just wish they were with someone who never tore me apart.

Ecarg Nosive
Ecarg Nosive
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