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Toxic Masculinity by Lolly Vieira

by Lauren Vieira 2 months ago in social commentary

A poem about domestic violence

Toxic Masculinity by Lolly Vieira
Photo by Valentin Salja on Unsplash

If you actually think that you

won in the end,

then I'd like to know

what exactly did you think that you’d win?

Are you somehow accomplished now?

I beg of you,

show me your power

if you truly can.

Does a raised fist bring you strength?

How many lives have you saved

with the red-hot fire

behind your self-loathing rage?

How many sleepless nights will it take

to find a moment of peace?

Your war waged on sanity

is a needless feat.

But wait, why are you so hollow now?

Wasn’t that your plan?

I once told you I loved you,

you said you were a man.

social commentary

Lauren Vieira

I am many things; a mother, a survivor, a creator.

Welcome to my page where I make sense of all the facets of myself.

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Lauren Vieira
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