Tough Love

by Sheena Ann 4 months ago in love poems

the true meaning

Tough Love

The true meaning of tough love

Love is such a twisted thing

some people use it for gain

while others wear it on their sleeve

but love can be a dangerous thing

But love should be a selfless act

not to get ahead or what you want

It should be about giving your all and expecting nothing in return

Trusting someone with such power

that can move mountains is a beautiful thing

Love has changed so many people

Make them do crazy things

It also makes them question their entire life up to that point

Before they know love in their heart

But it guides them along the way

But the difference of love and puppy love

Puppy love will fade away and does not damage

True love will cause some damage but it is also never ending

It gets you through the hard stuff

But if it runs they say true love always has a way of coming back

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Sheena Ann

Someone who loved me told me to write what I feel I do I write about what has happened comes from the heart and he pushed me to where I am at. And for that Thank you 

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