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You are wisps, lacewings, cobwebs...

By Sarjé HaynesPublished 4 years ago 1 min read

You are wisps, lacewings, cobwebs.

You are dreams and memories.

The calculator won’t

add us up properly, dearest.

The darkest rooms won’t

conjure you to me, either.

You are feathers, rainbows, perfume.

You are golden and in-flight.

The computer won’t

find you in search engines.

The brightest spot won’t

draw you to me, either.

One plus light and dark and dreams

still totals one.

When will we be

together, not apart?

When will I be a

part of something greater?

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I see you, and you're beautiful.

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About the Creator

Sarjé Haynes

Sarjé is a painter and writer living in Kalapuya ancestral territory. You can learn more about her at http://sarje.art.

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