Toss the Pit Somewhere It Will Grow

by Greg Horn 11 months ago in nature poetry

The best systems are those that perpetuate themselves without added effort...

Toss the Pit Somewhere It Will Grow

Fruit trees fascinate me.

Over millions, maybe billions of years, they’ve developed a great system.

I see the mango trees along the highway in random, unkept parts of the jungle,

And I can only imagine how it got there…

One day, fifty years ago, Bruddah went over to the mango tree at the plantation he worked on and picked up a gorgeous mango.

While driving home, he devoured the juicy, delicious mango.

He could’ve waited until he got to a proper rubbish bin to throw out the pit,

But the sticky mango juice was already all over him, and he wanted to be done with it to clean his hands,

So without a thought, he tossed the pit out his truck window,

Somewhere along the side of the road,

Where he thought it wouldn’t bother anyone,

And would probably be enjoyed by a pig, anyway.

That whole system has been by design.

The mango has evolved to thrive,

So it creates delicious fruit that humans and other animals LOVE to eat (except those of us that are allergic to the skin 😢),

And gives of that fruit freely and abundantly,

Knowing that by giving its fruit, those who eat it will spread the seeds and new trees will grow, providing more fruit, and keeping the DNA train rolling along.

It’s a lot like how viral videos spread.

Brené Brown didn’t expect her TED Talk on Vulnerability and Shame to take off like it did,

But now it’s been viewed over 40 million times,

Because she provided amazing fruit—she helped people see how being real, being vulnerable, can unlock so much in our lives,

And her talk inspired people, it changed their lives,

So they shared it,

They told all their friends about it,

And it spread like wildfire.

Now Brené has several highly-viewed talks, multiple books, and even just released a special on Netflix.

Tony Robbins also knows how to provide great fruit.

Plenty of people judge him, and that’s probably just the folks that haven’t experienced his transformations,

But you can’t argue with success.

Tony does very little marketing these days,

Because he doesn’t have to.

The results he’s provided for millions of people speak for themselves,

I mean it—those people literally speak about it - telling everyone they know about how their lives have changed,

Sharing the Stories of their journey.

There’s a reason Tony Robbins continues to thrive and impact so many people all over the world for 35+ years now.

It’s because his fruit is delicious and nutritious and people love it because they’re fed by it,

And his system is built so that those seeds, those Stories, get planted all over the world and grow into great big trees to provide others with great fruit.

The mango tree is much like a successful business model.

When your business provides great, delicious fruit that people love to eat,

They happily enjoy it and share Stories about how you’ve made an impact in their lives.

If your system is structured properly, like the mango’s system has been over millions or billions of years,

You capture those Stories, those seeds, and plant them in places that will grow more fruit for your business.

And the cycle of happiness and joy continues.

The CORE Story System achieves that purpose, helping purpose-driven business owners share their CORE Story and then the Stories of delighted and enlivened customers, ultimately generating more business and the cycle repeats, scaling up.

These aren’t testimonials,

These are Stories.

So the next time you enjoy a great mango,

Toss The Pit Somewhere It Will Grow.

nature poetry
Greg Horn
Greg Horn
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