Too Much

too soon

Too Much

Am I too much for ya?

Am I?

Am I too disobliging for ya?

Too much for your damaged brain,

and your little stereotyping machine?

Am I? Hm?

Shall I be benign for ya?

Shall I bend my will to fit your selfish needs?

Shall I pretend to be fatuous to entertain your grandiosity?

Shall I put on my red heels walking around in pain till you ejaculate?

You would like me to,

don’t ya?

Am I too much for ya?

Too much that I broke your strictures,

too much you felt the need to quell my fire,

disparage my intelligence and rain on my parade?

Do you feel so threatened that you are eager to give me a bad name?

And if that doesn’t work you probably would also like to diagnose my maladies?

Am I too much for ya?

Too much and yet still beneath ya?

Too undesirable that I disgust ya?

Am I too poor to mingle with ya?

Am I too provocative that I enrage ya?

Do I? Hm?

Little man?

I think I’m too much for ya.

 Et Imperatrix Noctem
Et Imperatrix Noctem
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