Too Late

by Drowninginfairydust about a year ago in heartbreak


Too Late

Don't tell me 

You once cared for me 

That I once made your heart flutter 

With series of irregular beatings

That I once lived in your heart and will always do 

When its too late 

Don't tell me 

You need a little space when it's a way 

For you to torture my with your distance

Leaving me to ponder if I am more in love with you 

Than you are with me

When all I can do  is

Wait for you to acknowledge my existence, 

when its too late

Don't tell me 

you're sad and you need some time away 

when I can clearly see its only my presence 

that seems to bring you sadness

I rather you tell me the truth 

Than rather me wonder about fixing you and I 

when its too late 

Don't tell me

you love me

Because those three words now sting 

When I can clearly see your heart doesn't agree 

Don't tell me not to leave you 

Because I have waited 

And now it is too late 

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