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Tom Kha Tofu

by Kayla Frances Murray 12 months ago in social commentary

(or the time I saw my lover's past in a bowl of soup at a Thai restaurant on N. Main St)

I once scried Tom Hanks in a bowl of Tom Kha Tofu soup

& not in a ‘wow, that lemongrass is taking shape

of Tom Hanks’ kind eyes!’ kind of way,

or in a way that projected some flavor onto

the tofu;

No, my lover’s past was in that bowl,

wholesome, unkind personal truths & perceived failures,

accompanied by soggy mushrooms and

pleasurable shame

and his present, full-bodiment of a

‘bad actor’ at life, seeing-red

flecks of red curry paste


me seeing him in

rose-colored glasses

coconut milk skin

entwined together

a Sapporo and lime life

with one another

I wonder if God sees the future in the light reflections of the ocean

I wonder if I’m forgiven for confusing Tom Waits with Tom Hanks

I wonder if the shallots will make me cry if I dive into

what’s in front of me

Life’s a fucking fusion

of disappointment, love, acceptance,

and the unknown

So I dig my toes into the (lemon)grass because

this is what I think it means to be grounded

social commentary

Kayla Frances Murray

🙞 Southeastern US-based writer/poetess 🙜

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Kayla Frances Murray

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