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Tom and Jerry

A timeless friendship

By Amna AsgharPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In a world of fun and laughter's embrace,

Tom and Jerry engage in their playful chase.

A cat named Tom and a mouse called Jerry,

Their mischievous adventures are legendary.

In a cozy home, their escapades begin,

Tom, the clever cat, with a mischievous grin,

Chasing Jerry, the nimble mouse, here and there,

Their antics create chaos everywhere.

With a quick paw swipe and a speedy scurry,

Jerry outsmarts Tom, always in a hurry,

Through holes and nooks, they dart and they run,

Their chase, a dance, a source of endless fun.

From kitchen to living room, they race and they leap,

Causing commotion, laughter that's so deep,

Tom and Jerry, their friendship may seem blurred,

But deep down, a bond is quietly stirred.

In this world of mischief, their story unfolds,

A timeless friendship that forever holds,

Tom and Jerry, an inseparable pair,

Their escapades, a reminder to always share.

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Amna Asghar

Discovering life's magic through writing

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