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Today, I have to say goodbye

by CyCy 2 months ago in sad poetry
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A farewell to loved ones

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Today, I have to say goodbye.

Oh, how you have grown

to be the person you needed to be.

I never knew that the time will come

when I get to see

how wonderful you’ll be.

Although I’ve always known in my heart

that this day would come,

I never was prepared for the tears

that would spill down to your cheeks

like a river that flows through the valleys

of forgotten sorrows.

But the sun is now setting

and the world is much quieter.

The birds are singing their melody

real low.

I can now smell the fields that were promised to me

a long time ago.

The earth is calling me

and I will answer humbly

if you must know.

Even when I’m no longer near,

the memories we shared will keep you company

until the day you’re alone no more

and the future seems brighter

and the present is much livelier

than the past you chose to remember.

So, today I must say goodbye.

Please don’t cry.

Just know that I love you with all my soul

and maybe one day we’ll meet again

in those fields that were promised to us

a long time ago.

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  • NJ Gallegos 2 months ago

    You've melted my heart yet again! That was beautiful.

  • This was beautiful.

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