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To You, My Dear Darling, An Inspiration

A Poem

By Marissa MatthewsPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

I've written this poem for all of the friends in my life who have supported me in some way or another. You've all inspired me and have taught me priceless lessons about friendship, heartbreak, and finding the beauty in the little things. This is also for anyone who is feeling down, not feeling like themselves or not feeling worthy.

I would like to dedicate this specific poem to my best friend. You're a very special person to me.

My Dear


You have no idea

How much you mean to me

How much those eyes make me smile

How much those lips make me tingle

My Darling


You are the strength of so many chances

You are the opportunity of so many options

My Dear


Please realize how strong you are

And someday,

You’ll realize

How far you've come

My Darling


You are the magic that I never thought would happen

You have no idea

That you inspire in everything you do

My Dear


You are the hope I never thought I would have

Thank you

For giving happiness to so many people

My Darling Dear,

Please give that same happiness to yourself

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