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To Whom do I Pray

by DJ Nino XX 2 months ago in inspirational

Who do you pray

To Whom do I Pray

Leon: Absolutely confused really beta’d out

DJ Nino: How others are Alphas but blinded by clout

ACE: They EGO got them co-signin a Fraud instead of question his story that was told through a slave mentality

How can the slave /

Master pray to the same God /

Is that an Oxymoron /

Maybe contradiction either way fiction /

Maybe y’all some morons thinking this is possible /

Then wondering why life always stopping you /

Master and the slave can’t pray to the same God /

In this case someones a fraud /

In order for the slave to stay a slave /

You got to remove they heart /

How else would you do that /

By having them pray to the same God /

I know I may touch some hearts /

I know I may crush some thoughts /

I know people gonna hate I have this thought /

What they don’t know since I’ve waken /

My life as been on point /

There ain’t nothing I truly want /

Thing I do want I ain’t got to front /

Just lean on the power of knowing /

MY God in Front /

She’ll hand me everything I want /

How can the slave and the master /

Pray to the same God /

Everything doesn’t come up a disaster /

I know if I was a slave /

I’d pray for death to master /

Or a way I can run /

They can’t come after /

I’ve waken in ways /

That gonna make my life matter /

I’m not fully on the page yet /

I got to get ready /

For them to come after /

For saying things like the slave /

Can’t pray to the same God as master /



DJ Nino XX


*disclaimer if you tell me I’m the worst you better be prepared for the full on response I don’t react I respond, REACTIONS CAUSES EXPLOSIONS AND THERE ARE ALWAYS CASUALTIES*

DJ Nino XX
DJ Nino XX
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