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To the Woman

by J. Lee 20 days ago in inspirational

A poem of resilience

To the Woman
Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

To the woman who

Smiles at the man

Who makes the snide remark

As you walk down past

The street that takes you

To work which pays your bills

Where you get paid

Less than the best

Worker who isn't as efficient

But has something you

Don't between your legs-

I see you.

To the woman who

Walks with keys laced

Betwixt her fingers and fists

As she quickens steps taken

To get to her car

In the deserted lot

Where she heard a sound

But can't see what surrounds

Her in this vacant place

Where evil things take place

To many like her-

I see you.

To the woman who

Fought for our rights

In the middle of dark nights

Across the world it seems

But is now stuck with

Dreams that haunt the day

That never seem to

Go Away for a moment

Because the reality she

Returned to is worse than

The one she left to defend-

I see you.

By Bermix Studio on Unsplash

To the woman who

Lost her precious being

Through any senseless meaning

That could have easily

Been prevented if anyone

Just listened, looked, or

Spoken up on their

Behalf and right to life

That corresponds with every

Human right which we

Are forced to remember and surrender-

I see you.

To the woman who

Screams in agony

As nothing is what it

Seems to be these days

As everything's a craze

Or a maze of looking

In between to find

Just exactly what it means

To be a woman

In this life where

No one can decide-

I see you.

To the woman who

Was beaten and abused

While given every excuse

As to why you

Deserved what you received

Or that this wasn't supposed to be

The way that it turned

Out but now without a doubt

You can see that it's

Time to save yourself

But have little to no help-

I see you.

By Sydney Sims on Unsplash

For the woman who

Has been feeling rather low

Like there's nowhere else to

Go that makes sense in

This life that doesn't offer

Compensation for any situation

That ails thousands in

Our place upon this Earth

Where we're given less than we deserve

For no other reason than

It's what the Man believes in-

I see you.

To the woman who

Stood up today to say

That no, we will not

Go away and hide

Or muffle our cries

Any longer for naught

Because we do not deserve

This slaughter that has

Rained on us for centuries

So I choose to believe

That we can do better now-

I see you.

By Maria Oswalt on Unsplash


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J. Lee
J. Lee
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