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To the one who disappears

by Jess K.C 7 months ago in sad poetry

A journey into my subconscious

To the one who disappears
Photo by Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash

In my mind I see shadows,

Pin needles obsessively pinching.

Oh shadow why do you look down

Upon my broken bones and body

Upon my quivering tongue and weeping soul

I lay here restless sobbing.

Wishing I were you

The one who roams without chains

Oh shadow why do you laugh

Do sorrows fulfill your greed?

The need to satisfy you haunts me deeply

swallowing everything in sight

Shadow can we trade places

Just for a day or so?

I see no reason climbing walls

For swimming is my nature

I see no reason searching

For shackles are my saviour

Oh shadow, why do you hide

Like a prisoner dripping in shame

Is your cloak saturated with regret,

In fear of what's to come?

Shadow please let me in

to witness your satisfaction

Despite the sky's endless venture

I host your disposition.

sad poetry

Jess K.C

I was brought into a world filled with greed, yet hunger is my everything.

Aspiring graphic designer and poet at heart, jessica strives to be honest with not only herself but the creative work she releases.

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Jess K.C
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