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To the characters I may kill off.

by Wendi Beck about a year ago in sad poetry
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A writers apology to her creations.

To the Characters I may kill off

I am your creator the builder of your world but you are not safe with me

Never be lulled into that myth of I care too much not to wipe you from the face of the world I created for you.

I am the writer... I am not the savior

I may adore you and let you run full tilt for most of the book if not for a series of books

Then again in a moment of pure and carefree writing I may have your boss fire you and your car refuse to work for you ever again or your rival or even lover kill you in a rage

Perhaps someone might simply find you are a target of opportunity

All I can say is that if I kill you off it will only be to move the story forward.

And you never know it could just be a venomous bad dream that you or the family pet might have one night after far too many tacos.

This poem is for you as an I'm Sorry but not to the point to save your written life.

Perhaps I will mourn your death when the book is published and far too many people ask me why.

They have that luxury to love you more than I can as they did not create you or your world and have no idea what your death will mean in the future of that world or how it was safer to give you or whoever had the nightmare over food poisoning.

Your sacrifice will never be in vain Even if you are a vain and evil person.

No matter what I know your written heart will forgive me... after all I am your creator.

So who knows you better than me?

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