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To The Black Cat in the Street

by Radio S. 2 months ago in nature poetry · updated about a month ago
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To a stray.

To The Black Cat in the Street
Photo by Yannick Menard on Unsplash

Dark as night

Eyes like the moon

Orbs of

Green or yellow

You follow

Throughout the centuries

You are there

In the footnotes of history

Sleek and graceful

As every feline

Yet you

Are given a bad reputation

For things

You haven’t done

Do you have a home

Do you belong

Where do you wander

In the shadows

In the night

You’re not unlucky

You don’t bring misfortune

You are not a beast

Of darkness

Nor witchcraft

If you have no home

I will give one freely

I welcome you


Into mine

My open arms

And gentle hands

Will let you


And find rest

Beneath a roof

And beside a fire

You have a place in my heart

For you are not darkness

You are not

What history has made you

You are a living thing

That deserves the right

To live

As all things do

You are free

I envy you

nature poetry

About the author

Radio S.

I'm an aspiring author currently pursuing an Applied Arts Degree. Writing is a passion of mine, and I love creating new worlds to captivate the minds of readers.

I’d you’d like, feel free to contact me at

[email protected]

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