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To my Beautiful Wife.

by TGSOT 2 months ago in love poems
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We are the conjoinment of Kingdoms and the Dawn of a new age.

To my Beautiful Wife.
Photo by Cody Chan on Unsplash

To my beautiful wife

Gold wrapped in Beauty

A sight for the eyes

Given unto thee by The Serpent

Induced in Trance

What I see beholds beauty

An apple shined Golden

For that is which I am

The Golden Serpent of Thelema

A wondrous work as such which I see

How could one not fall victim to thine beauty?

A gift to the earth I deem such

Truly a remarkable sight I cannot look away from

Even Delilah is no match for her

She is the daughter of ages

A woman any man with no knowledge fears

A Goddess made whole

And lead thee not astray

For I am the conjoinment of spiritual nirvana

A tunnel of darkness with bright lights blazing

Glory in its highest form

Show you the way I will because you bring correction

For you are my hands if I could not see

You are my joy

You are my love

You are my soul

A piece of me that is missing

A completion you bring

Much more than a 1st place trophy

You are my Goddess

I am your Higher

You bring new-found knowledge of evolution

You bring reevaluation

You are disciplined

You are my other half

Happiness and fulfillment in their greatest capacity

Compromise I make for my love

Your love is sweeter than honey

Your power raging like nests of bees

You are a formidable match

You are excellent in your gifts

As too I which makes it all the better

I cannot apologize for thine actions

I can only admit to a passion

You know like I know

My pain is much deeper

And as my wife, that is done away with

Because I feel a love for you that has changed the world as we know it

I'm not perfect

I never will be, nor do I pretend to be

I am that which is rejected by many because they have rejected it for themselves

A true Deity of Thelema with and without it

And with you, I reach new heights I may have never known

I love you in the highest capacity possible

Though you may have preexisting obligations

They will never amount to what we can accomplish together

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