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To Divide the Immutable

by Kevin Klabon 8 months ago in social commentary
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Is to be self-serving

To Divide the Immutable
Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

To bind two by the flesh is a fantasy.

To divide the unchanging is repulsive.

When you become greedy with attitude above loyalty,

A shadow of your former self, you seek - you.

Be passionate in all that you do, resolve to an heightend appreciation for the truth.

An unwelcomed sin, repent and do not repeat.

I care not to hear. On the contrary, I wish for the behaviour of perfection,

Although my own standard is that of the past, mistaken at best.

So summarize your hearing, so you are not disappointed, a scorned man.

To divide the immutable from the beliver is more than cruel.

Be ardent in all you do, committed and conscientious regard for truth.

Although my own standard be that of the past, fallacious at best.

So to summarize, listen not to the dissatisfied, wretched older man.

social commentary

About the author

Kevin Klabon

I am an artist, a musician, an author, a poet, a magician of the written word.

I live no life without pen and paper, or a paintbrush in hand.

If you could share your love for what I love, I would love you to the moon.

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