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To Begin With

A Poem

By Elise Published 3 years ago 1 min read
To Begin With
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Photo by Roberto Nickson on UnsplashTo Begin With

A Poem

To begin with

our love was a sweetness I'd never tasted,

one that I'd never grow tired of.

Our connection was one written in the stars,

and I believed in us,

in the truth of the love we shared

but belief is never enough to keep two souls connected.

To begin with such intensity 

it drove you into insanity

and I made a mess of a love that was once so cherished.

Now you want to live life without me,

without our love,

and helplessly I will watch you sever our connection. 

The love which once filled your heart

has now drained and been replaced with the want for freedom,

freedom from me,

from this connection,

from my heart,

my love.

To begin our end so soon

my body aches 

as my dreams for our future begins to crack and crumble,

so cut me loose but do it gently

and I'll do the same for you.

I know when I cut you loose

you'll float off amongst the stars, 

where your dreams are sure to come true,

and the memory of me will become distant.

But when I'm cut loose

I'll sink into the ocean,

and all the hopes and happiness I had

will be squeezed from my body

and vanish in the depths of the waters.

If only my heart would leave me now

I want it taken out, 

it's what carries the pain of this experience

and I cannot bear to feel it another moment.

We had such a sweet beginning with such a bitter ending.

And to end like this

it's something I will think about it 

until death quietens my mind.

sad poetry

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