To Be Seen

Do you see me?

To Be Seen

As I wander away from where we used to be

So Content,

So Happy,

I saw everything I ever sought in anyone but couldn't find.

I saw you.

For so long, my path was a lonely one,

People were becoming monsters.

The world itself was turning inside out.

Chaos and darkness for miles and miles,

but when I first met you.

I purposely asked for your assistance.

Just for the chance to talk to you.

For you were my beacon of light.

Your kindness and compassion

shone on through the darkness of my life

Like a lighthouse leading the sailors home with it's

reassuring light,

You led me towards a much greater life.

A life I never knew was possible for me anymore.

A life with someone by my side who never would hurt or betray me.

A glimmer of hope.

Everyday I miss those short few weeks, I remember everything.

Every conversation,

Every time you made me laugh,

Every time I made you laugh too.

Since we first met, I was too nervous to hold a conversation.

I regret my shyness every single day. For if I'd just had enough courage that day... I'd be there longer.

Unfortunately, Time will never cease to keep on ticking by.

I just wish...

I wish I had more time.

More time to create memories.

More time to Laugh.

More time to Cherish.

More time in such peaceful moments.

More time with you.

Since the first day,

I saw you.

Did you see me?

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Life's Perceptual Poetry
Life's Perceptual Poetry
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