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To Be An Athlete

An Olympic Dream

By Maria KalafatisPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
To Be An Athlete
Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

Its every athletes dream

To be in the olympics

A dream that is hard to achieve

Not impossible

But the chances are slim

Selection is only made every 4 years

And to get that selection

You ned to have determination

High work ethic, and hope

Passion always helps too

Because you need motivation

Something to push you

Even when the times get tough

Being an athlete isn’t easy

But no job is

That is just how it is

There is a lot of early mornings

A lot of blood sweat and tears

Comebacks and setbacks

You are going to have to learn

To bounce back and get back to it

As well and embracing your failures

Because that is how you grow

Failures help you become a better athlete

They make you stronger

You have to be okay to make mistakes

And you have to be okay to do it in front of the world

You have to be really comfortable with yourself

And forget about other peoples opinions

You have to create your own little bubble

To survive the criticism for your every mistake

But people have to remember

That athletes are human

We break down just the same

Not just physically but mentally

We are not bulit prof

We are not made of stone

We are flesh and skin

Just like everyones else

Yes some of us are goals medalist

And world champions

But that dosent change the fact

That we are just only human

Just like you

Please stop treating us like super human

Because it is not true

Because even though sport is our career

And our passion, sport is our job

There are days we are not motivated

There are moments when we fuck up

As well as moments where we break down

So forgive us for having emotions

And showing them on the world stage

Because we are only human

With like and interests outside of our job

There are a lot of expectations on athletes

We are expected to be he best models all the time

And the instant we make a mistake

Everyone is so quick to criticise

Everyone assumes that we will make the olympics

Or win the world championships

People expect us to be on form all the time

But that is simply not true

We have really good days and really shit days

Just like everyone else

Sometimes our emotions get the best of us

And sometimes we need time off

Being an athlete is harder than you think

You don’t realise everything that goes on

Especially behind closed doors

We play through injuries and illness all the time

We never play 100 percent fit

We put our body through a lot

But people don’t see that

They just see the performance

And not the effort that is made

Long before the match starts


About the Creator

Maria Kalafatis

I am a creative writer that loves to write poems and short stories, as well and the ocasonal review on stuff that I love and enjoy

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