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To All The Ones

Part 1 of 4

By Vadim KaganPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
To All The Ones
Photo by Jalen Banks on Unsplash

To all the ones who were The Ones – thanks for the chance, the moons, the suns, the falling stars, the chirping birds, caresses, kisses, wars and words and mornings after nights before and tears and laughter by the door and days together and apart and stupid things we thought were smart and sweet and charming childish dreams and worlds collapsing into screams and screams becoming sighs of joy. Now every Helen got her Troy and every Clarence got his wings – let’s wait for what the future brings.

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Vadim Kagan

I believe that each day is a blessing, every story is amazing and all poems should rhyme!

Instagram: @whines_and_rhymes

Facebook: www.facebook.com/vadimkagan

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  • Moe Radosevich2 months ago

    oh wow, explosive this is awesome ❤️

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