Tiny Feet

A Mother's Prayer for Peace

Tiny Feet

Tiny feet and tiny toes

Digging in the earth

A blade of grass

plucked from the ground

Goes right into her mouth

A drooling smile

shows just one tooth

And happy eyes are shining

Everything is bright and new

Her hands are busy clapping

Her mother sits beside her

With a smile of her own

Because her baby is so sweet

Precious, new, and darling

But there is sorrow in mother's heart

For outside this happy glow

The world is chaos and full of fire

A place that's full of woe

Today the world is burning

As men turn on each other

The solution is too far off

Or lost in times forgotten

Division and destruction

Have taken baby's smile

And veiled it in uncertainty

Clouds begin the rise

Every mother wants what's best

For the child that they love

Some will fight

And some will hide

And wonder what can be done

The only thing that feels so right

Is the baby's happy coos

The way she flaps her hands

With excitement and delight

At all the little things

That pass before her sight

Perhaps tomorrow the world will see

The baby for who she is

An innocent who doesn't know

Why things are how they are

They will see her sweet, sweet smile

And they will stop to think

About what changed and how they grew

Away from simple things

And maybe then they'll stop the hate

And let their weapons drop

And use their bricks to build things up

Instead of tearing down

And maybe we'll remember

We're all someone's child

And it's tenderness and patience

That is needed when we're wrong

Maybe we'll remember

That we all have made mistakes

And a little bit of kindness

Will help the world take shape

The love for that little girl

That's felt by her dear mother

Should pierce the fog all around

And spread its reach to others

What will happen on the morrow

Or years on down the road

Will the world be filled with peace?

Will every man be one?

When tiny feet and tiny toes

And smiles of every colour

Are held in reverence and regard

The world its peace will know

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Mama Keebean
Mama Keebean
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