Time Running

Observations as a Woman

Time Running



down to the ground

to the sound of your mind with the hope


on, off

you're up and then

down again

fictional realities, pouring over tragedies

and hearts start the chain of movement

soul rips apart

beginning of improvement

the men in their suits

with their loots

of the youths


Fleeting-it's no discreet thing

they shake hands and plans come to light

fight; the klan

criminals of education

warning signs of desecration


mass inflation making sense of medications pumped into schools

disguised under lies

the mask of a fools eyes start to cry

it mirrors the thoughts, hungry for deception

protection, infection; el hombre es right

we fight to stay in control of the mortal, the droll

each poll says they're worthy

a mandate, the man-hate the cause of abuse

Her body the noose

a loose propriety objectifies society

why not rule her body? her legs? those shaved shoddy pegs?

the Sex, I'm perplexed

us, viewed as objects.

They weep, knees deep in the ground where shame can be found

those men dressed so dapper? clap her.

So sad the dad that had the life has gone missing.

Not missed-it's a blessing.

We see his true shape now, the professional brow

the power, his tower where no Damsel is welcome,

no flowers, will Hell come?

A horizon of shoulders, political boulders trap us

they clap us

we so so brave

surviving their wave

they way they behave pins you

they win true

but fail too, with just us to blame

scared of the same, must reclaim, proclaim our name take aim.

social commentary
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