Time Lapse

by mx kade 3 months ago in surreal poetry

unrestrained, unafraid

Time Lapse

how many days have you

watched the sun arc

through your room

restrained by your blinds

tuning out the analog ticking

positioned directly across from

where you lie.

do you remember how

it feels to feel the

sun on your skin or

leaves brush your feet,

how cold the snow can be

against your bare chest, breaching

your unzipped jacket?

a room of smoke blurs your face,

a blend of Next red regular and weed

ruining your clothes and walls.

your roommate is disgusted.

a $9 bottle of wine isn’t

dinner but that doesn’t matter

does it.

Dine-In Victoria is getting

sick of your shit, but

TJ will bring you another Peller Rose

and you’ll keep paying the fee.

Will $80 a week convince you to

get up and take a

fucking shower?

your mini ash snowman is

judging you and you’re

on your last dart, your wish

simply for TJ to bring you

another pack.

It’s time to get up man,

it’s been a month and it’s


surreal poetry
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