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"Time Keeps Crooked Calendars"

by Jerald Dean 2 months ago in performance poetry
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The End Justifies the Means

Artwork by Shawn Coss

Trial and error - denial and failure

It paints itself across her floor

Inadequacy near - she recoils in terror -

Enough to leave your mind destroyed.

Revile the mirror - Expiry near her

While a razor's firm against her core.

She feels the wear, that makes the wearer

Feel like a wound she can't ignore.

(Ursa Minor roars at the top of their lungs

While Inanna makes love to a serpent of thorns.

I guess everything's okay -

If it was like this before.)

She paints the word "Dream" across her walls

In a cycle of fear, she has known far too long.

She thinks to herself "today I will fall,

"And hopefully this time something goes wrong."

He found her - seemingly a fog

Of who she was when they had talked.

Her eyes set staring down the hall.

Her voice a ghost locked in a box.

(Ursa Major has slipped passed the sun

While Inanna was changing her name to Ishtar

I guess everything has changed -

Let's all hope it changes more.)

performance poetry

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Jerald Dean

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