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Thunder and Triggers ⚡️

A Poem About Random Things That Scare Me

By FayoKolaPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Thunder and Triggers ⚡️
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash

The underbelly rumblings of thunder,

Or the quiet squeaking of a faulty car engine.

The backfiring of a car,

Or the sound of shots fired.

The pulling of the trigger,

Or the trigger that precedes emotional anxiety.

The anxious worries of your heart,

Or the premonition of danger.

Illogical fear,

Or a justifiable reason for panic.

A justified request for a panic attack,

Or a very natural occurrence when water falls from the sky.

Rain is about to fall?

Is lightning about to strike?

What are the thunderings warning me about?

The preceding rain or the fear that its presence causes.

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So many stories were living in my head, so I picked up my pen and decided to bring them to life.

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  • Kolawole Oluwafunmilayo Juliet3 months ago

    It's so easy for your mind to assume that these things sound like the other

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