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Thrown to the wolves, returned back leading the pack


By Munazza SultanaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Thrown to the wolves, returned back leading the pack




Thrown to the wolves with courage bold,

In moonlit night, a tale unfolds.

'Midst howls and shadows, deep and old,

A spirit wakes, from slumber cold.

Through forests dense, a journey starts,

Facing fangs, where darkness parts.

Yet in fear's grasp, a flame imparts,

Guiding lost souls, through haunted hearts.

Through trials deep, and hardships vast,

He forges on, his will steadfast.

Each setback met, his wisdom amassed,

In life's maze intricate, he's unsurpassed.

Beneath the moon's soft, guiding light,

He strides through darkness, strong and bright.

No longer bound by fear's cruel bite,

He leads with grace, in darkest night.

Now at the forefront, he commands the chase,

Guiding the pack, through night's embrace.

For in adversity's grip, he finds his grace,

Leading forward, never to erase.

Munazza Sultana


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