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by Katrell Plunkett 5 years ago in art / excerpts / fact or fiction / heartbreak / how to / inspirational / list
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Dispose after use.

There are 7.4 billion people in the world and 170 thousand words in the English language in regular use, this is a throwaway I am a throwaway. These words are no more significant than the arrangement of any other words just as my coming to be is no more significant than anyone else. I wasn't really born spectacular in fact I was born short but it wasn't record breaking short it was normal short which is a metaphor for this poem.

A throwaway like when you've collected so many good selfies in your camera roll and it's selfie Sunday.

A throwaway like when you've got a note full of captions for any ig post.

A throwaway like when you've got a fire comeback and your friend finally gives you a reason to use it.

A throwaway like an effortless masterpiece.

This is a throwaway, You are a throwaway.

artexcerptsfact or fictionheartbreakhow toinspirationallist

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