Through the Infernal

by Zach Myers about a year ago in surreal poetry

Distilled numbness

Through the Infernal
Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

Enriched by the falling harbingers

Beseech unto me the desire to observe

Remaining in perpetual motion

Cascading amongst the nails in the walls

Suspended, the gatekeeper's crucifixion

Grant passage, soul entitled freedom

Martyred by the ruination of mankind

Salutations to the robed wise one

Closing walls of a Gothick utopia

Divination of an adversary's personal suburbia

Apt to feel a desparity between us and ourselves

Lost in an illusive entrainment

Fallible broken cadence

Bludgeoned into constrictive silence

The abyss thunders a perdition of screeching static

Left destitute, drowning in a sea of bleeding ears

Blood of abinsthe volumes

Drunken souls sail the Acheron into distilled numbness

Finding peace in their dissociated oblivion

Through the infernal, into sempiternal absolution

surreal poetry
Zach Myers
Zach Myers
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