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Three Fun Poems to Cheer You Up

A poetry collection for smiles and laughs

By Lucy Dan (she/her/她)Published 3 years ago 1 min read
Three Fun Poems to Cheer You Up
Photo by Jonathan Taylor on Unsplash

To be frank,

it must be so confusing

to be Frank.

To Frank

what it means to be Frank

might be different from

what it means to be frank

but if I am to be frank

(not Frank, for I am Lucy)

perhaps the most meaningful way

for Frank… to be

might be to be as frank

as Frank can be —

authentic and unafraid

to be Frank (and/or frank).


Ode to My Dishwasher

By Mohammad Esmaili on Unsplash

To my dearest dishwasher,

I am grateful, so grateful

for your nightly dedication

to presenting me

with glistening dishes,

welcoming me into

a bright new day

each morning

with a sparkling clean

new plate.

Your rumble and grumble

keeps me writing in the flow,

the Goldilocks just right amount

of background noise

just to keep me in the writing groove.

Oh what would I do

if you did not exist?

Would I weep?

Would I cry?

Would I mourn your parting?

For you, I write these words

as you have my true faithful

love and appreciation

as one of the most important

kitchen appliances

in my life,

in my heart.


Ode to My Microwave

By Erik Mclean on Unsplash

To my Sharp Carousel,

probably the cutting edge

of technology back in —

what, the 50s?

(time isn’t real),

yellowed from age,

I appreciate you.

You might have been

a $10 thrift,

picked up

by the waterfront,

but you represent the era

of products made to last

rather than ones made to break.

It’s astonishing

how microwave oven technology

was the forefront of cooking;

it’s clear from your buttons.

Popcorn, reheat, frozen dinner…

(the usual), but —

baked potato, rice, and soup?

we’re getting creative, and then

fresh veg HARD

fresh veg SOFT

frozen veg…

what constitutes the difference

between hard and soft vegetables?

One button dedicated to fish?

Another just for ground meat?

Yet another for hot dogs?

An era bygone,

these vestigial buttons remain,

as I only ever use the buttons

2, 0 and “start”

to microwave my leftovers.


This collection was first published separately here, here and here.

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