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Thoughts of a Shared Dream

by A.R. Marquez 2 years ago in love poems

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She stares out the window

Watching the world go by

Sluicing through her dreams


A hurricane parading through unannounced

The hands on the clock dial 911

Waving at her back and forth

Beckoning a farewell?


Alerting of the inevitable

Heavy sighs and fogged windows

She no longer wants to move from this spot

People come and go

Pretend to love then walk away from her in sorrow

Into another tomorrow

But she stays in the past

When she falls asleep she witnesses a different place

A different era

New lovers

Familiar embraces

A laughter so warm and lurid

She wants to be there

Laying with him under stars

Whispering sweet reveries in abundance

Inches apart but never kissing

Never breaking the mystery of what could have been

Taking those physical aspirations to the grave

To be serenaded with the songs they used to sing in high school

She sees him down the street

Gliding about the torrential rains with a somber balance

A smile faintly breaks at the corner of her mouth

As she watches the water drip from his hair

He waves

Uncertain of the response

A half-hearted gesture to fan an infant flame

She stares sullenly and draws the curtain across her face

As he continues on into a feverish dawn with thoughts of a shared dream that will never co-exist


A little more broken-hearted than before the last step

Unknowing of the fact

That she covered her face

Because he made her smile

love poems

A.R. Marquez

Adam Ray Marquez was born and raised in Northern California.

He writes and publishes Surreal Free Verse poetry, fiction, and horror-fiction.

He played guitar for Held In Scorn.

Instagram = @xVagrantxGhostx

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A.R. Marquez
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