This Is You

You are all you’ve got

This Is You
Photo by mohamed Abdelgaffar from Pexels, edited by the author

It is not easy

to go out there and make your claim.

This is you

all of you

the things you like

the things you can’t stand

your fears

what inspires you

the secrets you’ll take to the grave

the images you carry with you to bed

the smells you try to remember

the touch that makes you tremble

the terrible things you have said and done

the terrible things that have been said and done to you

the lies

the ones you hear, the ones you utter.

This is you

you you you you you

never let go of you

in the end

you are all you’ve got


make friends


be kind


be generous


love and be loved

but never sacrifice you

never let your inner fire go extinct

do not let them slowly drain the life out of you

if you need to take a moment (or two)

to feel sad

to cry

scream hit the ground with your fists pull your hairs out

do it

let sadness and anger do their job

let them run freely

embrace them

experience them

and then

learn from them

let them transform you.

You won’t always be right

and that’s ok

you won’t always make smart choices

and that’s ok

you won’t always know what to do

and that’s ok

you won’t always understand what’s going on

and that’s ok

you won’t always be strong

and that’s ok


many times

you will feel alone

you will be alone

and you will be ok.


many times

you’ll doubt yourself

but the truth will come forward

do not give up on yourself

no matter what you do

do not betray what lies at your core

if you do, that will be the beginning of the end

you will feel how, little by little,

your heart hardens

your arms grow heavy

your gut revolts

suddenly, you don’t even want to look at yourself in the mirror

you despise the sight of you

you become aware of what a fraud you are.


do not betray yourself

tell the truth

do not let them make you lie

say what you need

say who you are

be who you are

it will not be easy

people won’t like it

they want you to be the way that pleases them

they will say “oh, yes, please, change, be better

be stronger, be free”

but they don’t mean it

they rarely mean it

because if you change

it is very likely that you will stop doing the things they like

the things they need

they’ll say

“I know this is uncomfortable for you, but…”

“I know this hurts, but…”

“I know you don’t really want to do this, but…”

But but but

they like it, they want it, they need it

they think it is ok to go over you to get their fix

in a way, it is not just their fault

you have allowed it

but no more

no more

you are done

you are now ready to make your claim

to take your life back

and blossom into it.

Gabriela Rosales
Gabriela Rosales
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