Things They Don't Understand

A poem about being a black girl abroad and at home.

Things They Don't Understand

things they don't understand

walking into a room and feeling searing eyes

being denied service at the door in hong kong

showcasing my work to blank eyes, glossing over my heartbeat, but never stopping to listen

never feeling beautiful because of my wiry hair

professors always telling me to make projects about what it was like to be black

when on most days i'm tired of talking about it

the teasing because i didn't listen to rap

the judgment when i started listening to rap, but it wasn't their rap

mocked because of my proper speaking

outrage because i'd never eaten a chitlin

defeat, as I came to terms with maybe being black just, wasn't for me.

social commentary
Courtney Lowry
Courtney Lowry
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Courtney Lowry

Courtney Lowry is a recent graduate from SCAD Atlanta with a BFA in Photography. Her writing touches based on issues other shy away from such as black rights, womens rights, and mental health stigmas. Instagram: @courtneyllowry

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