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by Pinkkkblade 2 years ago in heartbreak
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I let him escape.

You took something from me

Something I can never get back

I regret how I allowed you to take my crown

Watching my blood drip through your sheets

Having your body towering over my temple

Your palm grasping my nape

As you begin to make an entrance

I held my breathe

Hoping the pain would fade

And when you finished your business

My soul became connected to yours

I laid there

With my legs quivering

Shocked by the motions

You took my fruit

You sucked my nectar dry

I couldn’t make any movements

But the movements in my eye couldn’t lie

I couldn’t escape

But I wished I would

I should’ve known

That you were the devil in disguise


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When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen. 🖤

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