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They Say

A Poem About The Resilience Of Dreamers

By Meaghan GallagherPublished about a year ago 1 min read
They Say
Photo by Luis Machado on Unsplash

They say they wear rose colored glasses
Matched with their rose colored faith
And their rose colored dreams
What they say behind their backs
They already know

They say
They won't amount to much
Walking around in their dreams
Building castles in the clouds
And the sands of time
Are dwindling down

They can say what they want to
They can believe in what they wish
But dreamers will keep building their castles up in the sky
With the world watching
And their critics holding their baited breath
Waiting for their expectations
Of failure to fall into place

But even if they fall
Even if they fail
They refuse to give up
They refuse to give in
And that's the difference
In a society waiting for dreamers to fail
They'll find a way to make it happen
Spread their wings and fly
To their castles in the sky

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