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There's A difference Between A Lady And A Woman

by Blue Dymond about a month ago in inspirational

Womens History Month

There's A difference Between A Lady And A Woman
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A lady is

timid, soft, gentle, and refined

She's often overlooked and scared to speak her mind.

A woman is

Lively, reborn, fierce, and focused

She's mold....less

She doesn't need a man to accentuate her boldness

She knows she's queen and doesn't have to be told this

I don't want to act like a lady and sit quietly as the men talk

I'm raising my voice just like our ancestors taught

I'm a woman finally escaping this stereotypical box

A woman finally embracing her fierceness instead of looked at as soft

I can be a mother, a fighter, a leader, and A boss.

Men see us as ladies and miscalculate our worth

They hate to share the field and feel like we're on their turf

Well let me redo the math so that we're no longer divided

Ima add it all up so its not one sided.

Subtract the ladies and Multiply the women

Add all the movements that our ladies have been in

Carry over their suffrage and all that they've conquered

Isolate the opportunities that men had them squander

Those ladies who raised women and changed the equation

The ones who stood ready no matter the occasion.

Women are moving forward and changing the world as we know it

They aren't attempting to change the scales, but blow it

So next time you want me to act like a lady

To be seen but not heard unless I need a man to save me

Remember my words and the lesson that I taught you,

I'm a woman not a lady and I'm not here to exalt you.

Blue Dymond
Blue Dymond
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