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There is a New Sheriff in Town

This poem is about regaining control over the mind to avoid depression and other mental health issues.

By Lewis KimPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Image by Mircea - All in collections from Pixabay

Once my ally, now my foe, you seized my mind with a tyrant's hand

A new sheriff in town, enforcing rules I cannot stand

We were meant to work together, to navigate life's sea

But you've become the captain, dictating every move to me

Your fire burns within me, consuming all I hold dear

And when I try to fight it, you only grow more severe

You haunt me with your presence, lurking in the dark

A daily misery, a constant, overwhelming mark

But I refuse to let you win, to let you be my master

I'll no longer be a fool, and let you cause disaster

I am the one in control now, the master of my fate

And you, my dear depression, will no longer dictate

You thrive on attention, but I won't give you mine

I'll sit on the sidelines, and let you wither on the vine

You'll try to lure me in, with your evil persuasion

But I won't fall for it, I'll resist your foul invasion

The jokes on you, my friend, for I'm getting stronger every day

I won't let you reign supreme, I won't let you have your way

So go ahead and try your best, I'll watch you from afar

But know that I am the new sheriff in town, and you won't get far.


About the Creator

Lewis Kim

Hello friend,

This is Lewis.

I like writing because it is one of the few ways I get to express my thoughts for the world to see. I write a lot on many topics. Today, I might write a poem, and tomorrow, a blog article on sustainability.

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