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Then She Returned to Eden

by Rachael Writes about a month ago in sad poetry
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Dedicated to girls and women around the world.

She came into this world and took her first breath.

In her right hand was lightning and in her left thunder

When she stood the heavens turned its gaze

From the dawn of the first sun, she scooped up the earth

She crawled and walked and built the world with her hands

Her strong feet steadied her as she worked

She brought beauty, joy, and life to each person to ever live

Always keeping balance— good and bad, happy and sad

Her arms wrapped around the world with love

She fed and taught them so that they would understand

And they turned their darkened eyes to her with blame

She couldn’t make them understand pain

They screamed at her saying she should have never done it

She bruised under their fists, held under their thumb

When she called out, the heavens turned away

She loved them because she had raised them and taught them

But now they had raped, beaten, and killed her

She called out, everyone turned away

She cried rivers of tears for the wounds on her broken heart.

But she, without an ounce of blame, stood up

Her legs, strong pillars, carried her

Once more she gazed at the world to see the beauty she created

Took in its color, radiance, creativity, love, and potential

Then She Returned to Eden.

sad poetry

About the author

Rachael Writes

I am a life-long learner and creative that loves writing and telling stories.

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