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The world tonight

by alexandre 2 months ago in nature poetry
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One minute of mindfulness

I could barely hear my footsteps over the Ondara playlist blasting through my ear phones.

Multicoloured cars and trucks drove by slowly, trying to adhere to the low speed limit posted on a thin, metal pole.

Something about the sounds make me feel uneasy.

Breathe in, breathe out.

The ground I stepped on was nothing more than just old, broken, stupidly resistant pavement.

Little cracks from years of pressure made their way to the newly paved road.

The sky was a simple, happy kind of blue at the top, which faded into a baby blue which was then starting to fade into a very pale, bittersweet kind of colour

As the sun prepared to rest her eyes and let the moon take over the night.

She, (the sun) was a blinding orb, looking gorgeous as always, and doing nothing to shield my arms from the breeze passing by

I could feel her warmth disappear as she sinked deeper and deeper into slumber

I awaited patiently for my chance to talk to the stars.

nature poetry

About the author


I write to cope.

When I write my final notes

They will be of memorable quotes

For when I’m sinking down below

My words will surely float

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