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The Word We Fear and Crave

A Sleepless Night and a Longing Stare

By Poppy Published 2 years ago Updated 7 months ago 1 min read
The Word We Fear and Crave
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Love is the letter I wrote to you but never sent because the words meant more than the little moments you never cared to notice. Love is the warm tears pooling in my eyes when your smile falters. Love is the healing that trickles through the gaps in my fingers when I hold my hands out to you.

Love is the tremble in my voice when you bother to listen to me. Love is that corner of my mouth that turns upwards when you say my name. It’s my favourite shirt I only wore because I thought I’d see you. It’s the hidden meaning behind I miss you and are you okay.

Love is a sleepless night and a longing stare out a viewless window. It’s lingering eye contact and shy smiles. Love is what I feel for you and what you can never feel for me.

Love is unrequited when it comes to you and me.


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