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The wise man

Walks and talks

By Ava SaintPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Am in need

Yes very much in need

In need of more knowledge

I just want to know one thing

Only one I promise

Who is the wise man?

And why are his ways prosperous

Why does his feet not stumble and fall?

He seems to know his days

And with him there is no regret

Honour and dignity are a crown on his head

Truth and grace seems to always be at his mercy

Out of his mouth come sweet words

So sweet even honey can not compare

Because of this he is praised at the gates

Yes even worshiped through the cities

He has no need to worry

Or the need to strive for nothing

Also he is said to be always focus

Where he stands, there glory shines

Wisdom and understanding at his worth they rise

Whoa!!!! a man whose steps are ordered

Can conquer anything he touches

But the wise man has conquered all

After saying all this I feel like a wise person too.

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Ava Saint

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