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The Weight Of The World!

A Poem

By NAVEEN KAILASH BPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

"The Weight of the World"

The weight of the world rests upon my chest

A burden so heavy, I cannot rest

The worries and fears, they never cease

My heart and mind, they refuse to release

Each day I wake up, feeling the weight

Like a never-ending, relentless fate

I try to shake it off, to push it away

But it clings to me, night and day

Sometimes I wonder, what's the point

Of carrying this burden, of bearing this joint

But then I remember, the ones I love

And the strength I find, comes from above

The weight of the world may never leave

But I can choose, how I receive

I'll carry it with grace, with love and light

And trust that everything, will be alright

Thanks for your time!

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