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the wedding dress

by Nikki Vidal 2 days ago in heartbreak

a poem about a friend's struggle

the wedding dress
Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash

she wore it only once but once was enough

he came off as kind, shy and awkward

his words were harsh, sharper than any knife

she appeared happy when he asked her to be his wife

love is not what this was but is what she had wanted

the things he did to her she will forever be haunted by

he was evil and cruel and deceitful and cold

she is strong and tough with a heart full of gold

he broke the law and will be punished in time

she wont stop fighting for her children because she knows they deserve the best

she refused a proposal after she moved on

He was kind and charming and loving and strong

she cared for him and had his child but the strings of commitment were too tight of a squeeze

she didn't give up even though their life was sometimes tough

but she wore it only once because once was enough

Nikki Vidal
Nikki Vidal
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Nikki Vidal

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