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The ways of life

Elevating expression with every pose.

By OK JavierPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The ways of life
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Eagerly, every evening,

Emerald eyes explore the east,

Endlessly, enchantedly entranced,

Enduring even the faintest feast.

Evergreen elms embrace the earth,

Endemic elegance envelopes the air,

Enchanting echoes of echidnas,

Enticingly, expressively rare.

Ethereal embers erupt,

Emanating endless energy,

Engaging every element,

Enthralled, enraptured, endlessly.

Eyesight escapes into eternity,

Entwined in everything, evermore,

Euphoria echoing in every exhale,

Endless enjoyment to the core.

Elevated, exalted, empowered,

Endowing every entity with esteem,

Enamored with every existence,

Everlasting, eternal, extreme.

Exalting the essence of existence,

Extinguishing every ounce of ego,

Exhaling empathy and endurance,

Empowering every effort and ego.

Enlightened, enchanted, enriched,

Experiencing euphoria everywhere,

Endlessly embracing empathy,

Encapsulating each moment with care.

Emanating a radiant energy,

Elevating every entity,

Enabling empathy to endure,

Efficacy evident in every entry.

Eclipsing every expectation,

Engaging each emotion and thought,

Energizing every endeavor,

Eliciting an eternal, enlightened knot.

Encompassing every essence,

Echoing emotions endlessly,

Engaging with enthusiasm,

Expanding every entity.

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